Here’s What You Should Be Buying From It Cosmetics

There's a good reason why L'Oreal just bought the company for a cool US$1.2 billion

Photos: IT Cosmetics, Sephora Singapore, Cover photo: @itcosmetics/@thechambraybunny on Instagram

At the recent Sephora Press Day, I was introduced to US brand It Cosmetics. The products presented looked simple enough to me - foundation, concealer, mascara, etc -  nothing spectacular or ground-breaking if you consider the amount of beauty products that land on our desks on a daily basis.

That was, till I watched a video of co-founder and CEO Jamie Marie Kern putting on her best-selling Bye Bye Foundation.  You see, the former journalist suffers from rosacea, hyperpigmentation and in her own words, "problematic skin". She spent a long time trying to find the right foundation or concealer for her skin, only to end up creating the best one for herself.

Last week, It Cosmetics was sold for a cool US$1.2 billion dollars to L'Oreal. Having personally tried some of the products myself, it's not hard to see why - the range is pretty awesome!

Here are the top 7 things to look out for:

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IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream

7. Confidence in a Cream ($72)

Singaporeans tend to shy away from super thick creams, so if you love something fast-absorbing yet moisturising, this is right up your alley. Fun fact: This was developed by plastic surgeons to help boost skin’s natural recovery. It contains ingredients like niacin, peptides and a super ceramide complex.

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