Uncommon luxury at a click

Floriana Bucket Bag
Model with Lesenvers Cloud Bag
Model with Lesenvers Cloud Bag

Instead of having the same Longchamp bag, why not get uncommon luxury brands at a click?

By Cheryl Chia

Tired of seeing everyone own the same Longchamp or Chanel bag wherever you turn? That’s exactly what Yan Ling from new online portal Edluxe felt when she started the website.

Edluxe, a brand name that is derived from the word play of deluxe and luxury, prides itself for sourcing its brands from emerging designers who offer unique and quality designs.

Yan Ling, a fresh graduate from Singapore Management University, was inspired to start Edluxe when she encountered an emerging brand in Taiwan and wondered why brands such as that weren’t available in Singapore. The portal was officially launched this January.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Yan Ling says, “The idea of Edluxe kind of popped into my head when I chanced upon a Canadian emerging designer brand in Taiwan.”

She adds, “I kept the idea quiet for a couple of hours, went back to my hotel and started researching local emerging brands in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and I was hooked… Well, of course the fact that I didn’t want to be seen carrying a bag that is carried by ten other people helped in the creation of the idea too.”

Once Yan Ling gets wind of emerging brands, she starts poring through their latest collections to see if they would suit her audience of the average working adult before contacting the designers.

Edluxe currently carries 19 brands and is in discussion with five others. At this point, most of the brands come from Asia, which is partly due to the similarity in the fashion styles.

Floriana Bucket Bag
Floriana Bucket Bag

Chosen with Care

“Singapore is an attractive market for brands that want to venture out of their country. There is definitely a potential in our country due to the higher disposable income, our purchasing habits and a good mix of races and nationalities make up our population (thus brands would like to break into the Singaporean market),” says Yan Ling.

The prices on Edluxe range from $60 for a watch or a bag to over $1,000. Most of the products are priced from $200 to $500. Brands that Yan Ling bring in comprise emerging designers such as Artessorio (Hong Kong), BESCHRÄNK DICH NICHT (Taiwan), Me-Dusa (Israel), Lesenvers (Italy) and Wang Meng (Singapore).

Yan Ling concedes that changing the mind-set of Singaporeans would might be a daunting task as Singaporeans need to venture out of the typical shopping mall brands to invest in an emerging brand instead of established ones.

Visit www.edluxe.asia for more.