Dating Tips From A Real-life Cupid

Juicy details on Singapore’s dating scene from a professional matchmaker

Photos: GaiGai

Are you curious about the local dating scene, and why singles are finding it so tough to get a good date these days? So were we. Wanting to suss out dating tips and common concerns, we spoke to Chief Matchmaker of dating service GaiGai.

Dolly Chua, 30, has two years of matchmaking experience under her belt. The real-life Cupid puts down her bow and arrow, and shares with us what she thinks singles should do to take a shot at a great date.

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What are the top qualities women and men in Singapore look for in a partner?

For men, looks are priority as they are visual beings, and they tend to prefer petite ladies. Men usually want someone who leads a similar lifestyle to them, and usually are skeptical about meeting someone who seems to be too “high maintenance”.

Ladies look for someone who is driven and stable in their career. They expect their partners to have equal or if not higher income level as compared to theirs, and most ladies want tall men – at least 10cm-15cm taller.

What are the top qualities you think Singaporean women and men possess?

Singaporean women are generally independent, global-minded and attractive! Men are filial, career-driven and confident.

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