Best Anti-Pollution Skincare Products To Beat The Haze

Add anti-pollution skincare products to your routine to prevent the haze from ageing skin prematurely

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Gone are the days where the haze only makes its way to Singapore for one month a year. Even during Singapore’s wet season, we’ve been catching whiffs of the haze and the PSI has been inching up towards the unhealthy level.

While many of us have equipped ourselves with N95 masks and air purifiers, it’s not just our lungs that we need to protect. Pollutants like the haze causes our skin to age prematurely as they generate free radicals and inflammation. Long-term exposure to such pollution damages the skin’s defence barrier and also produces more wrinkles.

To prevent this from happening, it’s time to start incorporating anti-pollution skincare products to your daily skincare routine. Here are some of our favourites.

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라네즈 올데이안티폴루션디펜서열림 pr김세중1512유1. Laneige Anti-Pollution Day Defensor, $50

The Laneige Anti-Pollution Day Defensor adds an additional layer of protection to your skin before you step out of the house to face the haze. It is formulated with Dust Proof™ technology, allowing it to repel dust and pollutants from settling into pores, causing the skin to clog.

While we always recommend using a dedicated sunscreen, the Anti-Pollution Day Defensor has SPF30 PA++, providing an additional sun defence barrier to the skin too.

Available from Laneige stores.

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