6 Reasons To Use Vaniday For All Your Beauty Appointments

Skip the queues and book grooming services from over 900 salons in Singapore

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With the festive season looming, it's no surprise to see ladies and men in a frenzy to secure their grooming appointments. Because let's face it, who likes unruly nails and outgrown roots?

To get yourself in shipshape for the parties, try our go-to beauty booking app.

We first chanced upon Vaniday when it launched earlier this year, and have since added it to our arsenal of life hacks.

With the app, your facials, manicures and blow-out appointments are truly at your fingertips, thanks to its real-time booking system.

Best of all? You'll probably save more money when you book your favourite grooming services with Vaniday.

Here are six reasons we've been using this app for all our beauty appointments:

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6. All our favourite salons are in there

While neighbourhood salons are all good, we often find ourselves gravitating towards trusted and established beauty brands.

On Vaniday, you’ll find a good mix of renowned beauty brands such as Skin Inc, Benefit, Shunji Matsuo and Toni&Guy. We highly recommend going for one of Skin Inc‘s facials, which will leave you rejuvenated and glowing.

Brought to you by Vaniday.

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