The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Here we go slinging again

Spidey gets in a tangle with Electro
Spidey gets in a tangle with Electro
Spidey gets in a tangle with Electro

Here comes the fifth movie of the Spider-Man franchise since 2000 – how different is it?


Here is yet another sequel to the Spider-Man franchise that never seems to end.

Just five years after the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, we have yet another movie of the same hero, with the same villain and a similar plot.

Heartthrob Hero

One could argue that this all-time favourite superhero has a certain ‘novelty’. Spider-Man is a character that many people would want to watch over and over again.

Perhaps it is the electrifying chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, or the humorous timing derived from the comics, that gives Marc Webb’s do-over an edge over his predecessors.

Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Spider-Man was flawless. He evolves from a shy and socially-awkward teenager, to a hero with a life purpose.


Also noteworthy are the energising dynamics between him and co-star Emma Stone, who plays Parker’s girlfriend. On set, the duo offers the perfect teen heartthrob fairy-tale relationship, which brings in teenage girls to watch what would otherwise be considered a “boys’ film”.

The Flashy Villains

Like many Spider-Man films before it, this latest film decided to reintroduce former villains. However, it also has a new one. The hero will have two arch-nemeses to tackle: the Osborn character and Electro, played by Jamie Foxx.

Electro is a flashy character (literally) with electrical powers to torment Spider-Man. Electro is one of the oldest Spider-Man villains, but has been given a makeover in this new incarnation.

Foxx has stated that he was elated at the chance to play the role, and to be part of movie history. He certainly has been highly popular with the fans at various media events around the world.

The Spider-Man franchise has received some criticism for being ‘over-saturated’. Yet, this latest take from Webb offers acrobatic stunts, brilliant comedic influx, and enough tear-jerking romance to make us forget some of the past criticism of the franchise.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may be similar in plot and setting to previous incarnations but, from the looks of it, it is promising enough to offer audiences much action and entertainment.


STARRING: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone & Jamie Foxx
GENRE: Action, Adventure
RUN LENGTH: 142 min