Singapore “Celebs”: Locals rocking YouTube

Photo: Hewlett Packard Singapore
Photo: Hewlett Packard Singapore
Photo: Hewlett Packard Singapore

We speak to some true-blue Singaporeans that are YouTube sensations

youtube celebrities such as Ryan Higa were swarmed by adoring fans when they came for the recent Social Star Awards.
The following home-grown talents are also YouTube stars in their own right.


Aaron, Jason, and Janice of Wah!Banana have the third most subscribed YouTube channel in Singapore with over 100,000 subscribers and over 9 million views.

In their comedy clips, they poke fun at and stereotype people and situations that Singaporeans are familiar with in their day to day lives. Their brand of humour is observational and their exaggerated stereotypes strike a chord in us.

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Dr Jiajia & BigBro’s Show

When Chua Jin Chou, or “Big Brother”, was ten years old, he chose Speak Good English as his topic to participate in a videography competition. Unfortunately, his video was rejected due to a late submission.

Fortunately for Singaporeans, his father uploaded his video onto YouTube.

After a year, he and his little brother Jin Sen, nicknamed “Dr JiaJia”, made some Singlish videos to amuse themselves when they got bored. The siblings shot to fame after their Singlish videos in which Jin Sen acted as Singlish Minister went viral in 2012.

He is now the face for the Dyslexic Association of Singapore as he is dyslexic.

Ryan Sylvia

What started out as producing YouTube videos “for fun and to practice editing and cinematography” for a married pair of videographers became something that earned them over 50,000 subscribers, and videos with almost 5 million views.

Their clips have a style similar to that of Wah!Banana, drawing from day to day life to depict stereotypes such as “Sh*t Singaporean Boyfriends (and Girlfriends) Say”, “11 Reasons Why Singaporeans Complain”, and even a mock fight in “Cantonese vs Hokkien”.

These videos poke fun at Singaporean behaviour in self-deprecating fashion.

What would they like to say to all Singaporeans?

“Enjoy every little thing in life for, one day, you will look back and realise they were the big things,” they say.