What’s So Crazy About Crazy Horse Paris

Photos: Crazy Horse Paris

The French cabaret is crazy for all the right reasons, and not just blatant nudity

In case you're unfamiliar with Crazy Horse, here's a quick primer. The legendary Parisian cabaret founded in 1951 (yes, it's even older than Singapore) is renowned for its burlesque dances. But such sensual performances are dime a dozen in the French capital. So what makes Crazy Horse different from the rest of the crowd? We find out for ourselves when these long-legged beauties dropped our country to present their burlesque act in Forever Crazy by Crazy Horse Paris.

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2. Crazy Relevance

Even though nudity is more prevalent now than ever before because of the internet, Crazy Horse has stood the test of time and celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.

Deissenberg believes that the show stays relevant for several reasons, one of which is the collective, live experience it offers. “We put on stunning shows that evoke emotions and trigger the imagination (for) people … to share moments together … (which is something that) the internet doesn’t offer,” she clarifies.


In a recently developed act titled “Crisis? What Crisis!”, a woman stockbroker plays up the Wall Street fantasy, and indulges in therapeutic clothes-shredding to cope with the shock and pain of the 2009 subprime crisis. Crazy Horse keeps up with current affairs and incorporates them into the show, and that might be one its secrets for remaining crazily relevant over six decades.

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