#TheWeekendList: 20-22 April

20-22 April: Bid adieu to Armenian Street, be amongst beautiful tulips and snag a new pair of shoes at a bargain!

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Photo: Grimmsneyland

11. Take a trip to Grimmsneyland 

Sick and tired of the same old romantic stories of princes and princesses replete with dreams of grandeur for the ordinary man and happy endings? Nomadic theatre group ANDSOFORTH is turning the tables on these impossibly wholesome stories in its latest pop-up theatrical dining series Adventures in Grimmsneyland.

The adventure begins with a magical alcoholic drink, before the gang whisks you off on a whimsical adventure during which four dishes inspired by each fairytale are whipped up and served at appropriate (or perhaps not so appropriate) intervals.

Prices start from $88 per person for the immersive experience, with the secret location revealed via SMS on event day.

More information here.

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