Over 40 Rare Rose Varieties Now In Bloom At Gardens By The Bay

Perfect for a romantic date

Photos: Weekender

When work and studies are getting overwhelming, stop and smell the roses – which we can now do literally, at Gardens by the Bay! More than 40 varieties of roses brought in from England and France have taken over Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome for Rose Romance, the latest floral display running now until 14 July.

An idyllic European garden setting is set up to accentuate the romance of the roses. Apart from beds and bushes of roses, there are also rose vines wrapped around vintage arches and trailing down castle ruins. Rediscover the beauty of nature and life as you stroll through the garden with your loved ones.

The rose floral display definitely a wonderful place to bring your date to, with lots of beautiful backdrops for your photos together. Keep an eye out for the French-inspired trelliages, the green ornate latticework structures which are not only photogenic, but also highlight an enduring work of French architecture. You can also spot Renaissance-style latticed windows all around the garden setting.

Want to get a more epic romantic shot? Re-enact the iconic scene at Juliet’s balcony from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet! The play uses roses as a rather prominent motif, so it’s not too surprising that the rose display would include  a structure inspired by Juliet’s balcony as the centrepiece.


Roses are arguably the world’s most recognised and popular flower, yet most of us know little about its rich legacy and heritage over centuries. If you love roses or botany in general, get ready to geek out at the floral display. The wide variety of roses showcased are not your typical garden varieties, but rare types and hybrids that have long, storied histories. They are exclusively flown in from the famous English and French rose nurseries, including roses cultivated by renowned rose breeders Peter Beales, David Austin and Roseraie Ducher.

Look out for Boscobel, the coral-pink rosettes with a sweet fragrance bred by David Austin.

The Fairy

The Fairy, bred by Peter Beale, is a petite spreading rose variety you can also find at the floral display.

Angèle Pernet

From the French rose nursery Roseraie Ducher, the Angèle Pernet is a fascinating two-tone hybrid tea rose you should definitely look for at the display.

More than offering a romantic and relaxing time among nature, Rose Romance has lots of surprises about the history of roses and European architecture in store for you. Visit the official website to find out more. Standard admission charges to the Flower Dome applies.

Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953