10 Places To Adopt A Furry Companion Other Than SPCA

Give these animals a second chance at life

With some Instagram handles dedicated solely to dogs, cats and even the exotic animals, it is only natural for one’s yearning of having a furry family member be increased by tenfold. And if you ever decid to make this big step of welcoming a pet into your life, take the time to consider that purchasing one isn’t your only option. Why not adopt? For starters, look to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore, where it takes in about 200 strays and abandoned every month. If there’s no luck there, here are 10 other animal welfare organisations filled with sweet and adorable furry critters, all needing of a forever home.

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Photo: Action for Dogs Singapore Facebook

1. Action for Singapore Dogs

Established in December 2000,  Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) is aimed at bettering the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs. Not only do they put up dogs for adoption, the folks at ASD are constantly on the lookout for those who are in need of rescuing before fostering and re-homing them. To ensure that they continuously have sufficient space in their rescue centre, ASD holds regular dog adoption drives to encourage those who may want a pet to adopt over purchasing a puppy. With their ‘One dog at a time’ motto, the team of workers and volunteers at ASD treat each dog with utmost care regardless of their health condition, adhering to a strict no-kill policy.

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