Go Over The Moon With TungLok’s Mid-Autumn Delights

Fancy a mochi-encased mooncake?

Photos: TungLok

While known for its comforting Chinese cuisine, the TungLok Group has no qualms of showcasing creativity in its culinary creations, reeling in new diners while preserving its large base of loyal followers. The upcoming Mid-Autumn festival is no exception as the group introduces a slew of delectable and unique mooncakes that the whole family can enjoy. From mooncakes with a lava center to the classics with a delicious twist, here are four TungLok mooncake flavours you should totally try:

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1. Mochi mooncake

Demonstrating culinary innovation, the restaurant has put a Japanese twist to the Chinese delicacy with its new mochi mooncakes this year. Not only are they pretty to look at, but the soft and chewy mochi mooncakes also make for a delicious, intriguing and modern rendition of the beloved snowskin classics. Moulded after the sacred seven-petal flower, Petals Mochi Snowskin Mooncake  ($58 for a box of eight) feature a brown sugar mochi filled with velvety red bean and yam paste; and with peanut and aromatic black sesame paste, while the Sweet Hearts Mochi Snowskin Mooncake($58 for a box of eight) encases mung bean paste in a heart-shaped mochi exterior. The latter comes in lychee, cranberry, grape and mango variations and are covered with coconut sprinkles.

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