Recipe: Lobster and Daikon Salad From UsQuBa

Chef Guven Uyanik has created a salad that’s equal parts healthy and indulgent

Photo: UsQuBa


Chef Guven Uyanik

Group Executive Chef of UsQuBa Grill & Whisky Bar, Guven Uyanik, is well-versed in numerous culinary techniques and has honed his skills all around the world.

He forte is in cooking with premium, uncommon ingredients — discovered while entertaining various palates across the four continents.



Serving for 4

4 half pound Lobster

100g Daikon Radish

1 tbs Sea Salt

For the dressing

50g White Wine Vinegar

1 tbs Honey

1 tbs Dijon mustard

150g Olive Oil

For the mango and espelette salsa

1 large Thai Mango

1 tbs Chopped Shallots

1 tbs Lime Juice

Pinch of Espelette Powder

Half tbs Chopped Fresh Mint

For the Avocado Mousse

2 Ripe Large Avocados

3 tbs Double Cream


1. In the large sauce pan, boil the salted water and poach lobster for 8 minutes and cool them down immediately in  he ice bath. Once lobsters cool down, shell them and set them aside.

2. With Japanese hand mandolin, slice daikon into very thin disks and keep them in the ice water (this will help them stay crisp).

For the dressing

3. Whip white wine vinegar, mustard and honey until a smooth paste, then start adding olive oil gradually to create a smooth and thick emulsion.

For the mango salsa

4. Dice mango and combine all the ingredients in the bowl and leave for infusion.

For the avocado mousse

5. Combine flesh of 2 avocados and double cream in the food processor and run the machine till a smooth avocado mousse emerges, and place the mousse in the piping bag.


6. Pat dry daikon disks and marinate them with dressing.

7. Place 2 daikon disks on the plate, place half of lobster, then cover with another daikon disk.

7. Scoop the salsa on the side of lobster and pipe generous amount of avocado mousse next to mango salsa.

8. Finally, place 1 lobster claw next to lobster and sprinkle with sea salt and espelette powder.

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