Red Ruby Cocktail, Crispy Pork Trotters & Other New Eats At Ding Dong

Playful, modern Asian dishes and drinks to whet your appetite all over again

Photos: Ding Dong

Known for its innovative yet playful take on Asian cuisine, modern Southeast Asian restaurant Ding Dong now turns its gaze inwards for a brand new menu line-up.

Drawing inspiration from familiar childhood treats, the culinary team led by new Assistant Head Chef Miller Mai under the guidance of Chef Ryan Clift, has curated a menu that integrates local flavours with interesting textures.

The result? Dishes that will tempt your taste buds and tug at your heartstrings.

Here's what we loved:

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2. Refreshing appetisers

New on their cold plate menu is the Scallop Ceviche, Thai Mango, Kuih Kapit ($18).

Light and refreshing to the palate, the dish features diced Hokkaido scallop tossed in lime juice, salt and pepper, and then mixed with diced Thai mango, pickled shallot and ebikko (prawn roe).

Simply scoop spoonfuls of it onto the crunchy, housemade kueh kapit (love letters) and enjoy each mouthful as though it’s the Peranakan snack kueh pie tee.

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