Red Ruby Cocktail, Crispy Pork Trotters & Other New Eats At Ding Dong

Playful, modern Asian dishes and drinks to whet your appetite all over again

Photos: Ding Dong

Known for its innovative yet playful take on Asian cuisine, modern Southeast Asian restaurant Ding Dong now turns its gaze inwards for a brand new menu line-up.

Drawing inspiration from familiar childhood treats, the culinary team led by new Assistant Head Chef Miller Mai under the guidance of Chef Ryan Clift, has curated a menu that integrates local flavours with interesting textures.

The result? Dishes that will tempt your taste buds and tug at your heartstrings.

Here’s what we loved:

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1. Locally-inspired cocktails

A visit to Ding Dong isn’t quite complete without a quirky Asian-inspired cocktail.

Based on the popular Thai dessert, the Red Ruby ($22) puts an Asian spin to the classic pina colada. Served in a cute little bamboo cup, this concoction of rum, coconut, water chestnut and pomegranate will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go for White Lies ($22), a creative take on the hawker dish hor fun. The martini cocktail is created with vodka, pickled chili brine, dry vermouth and rice chips.

Fancy a tiki cocktail? Try the Shark Bay ($22), a fruity and refreshing mix of rum, papaya, pear, grapefruit and lime.

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