5 Types Of Durians You Might Not Know About

Our durian guide shows you there's more than just Mao Shan Wang or D24

By Nicole-Marie Ng; Cover Image: @honeybeesweets.sg

Just like grapes that are used to make wine, the taste of a durian depends on the weather, the soil from which it grows and the breed of the tree. This gives us a variety of different types of durians available in the market.

After trying most of the durians that are available this season, here are our top five picks.

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5. Golden Phoenix/Jin Feng

This durian ranks last because it’s largely hit or miss. Some people enjoy the strong pungency and bitterness of this fruit while others hate it for its watery texture which is associated with bad quality durians.

For more tips on how you can score the best durians, read our guide on legit durian sellers and crazy durian desserts.


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