Where To Eat The Top 5 Crab Dishes In Singapore

It's no secret that Singaporeans love crab, - here's where you can get the absolute best

By Nicole-Marie Ng

If I had to pick only one type of seafood to have for the rest of my life, the answer is definitely crab. The firm, sweet and salty flesh pairs well with almost any sauce and I'm proud to say that we've perfected the art of cooking and eating crab here in Singapore.

These are some of the most popular crab dishes in our island (with good reason) and the restaurants that do it best.

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3. White Pepper Crab

The milder sister of the black pepper crab, the white pepper crab allows you to taste the natural sweetness of the crabmeat without the interference of an overpowering sauce. Although No Signboard Seafood Restaurant is said to have invented the dish, we prefer Tao’s for its meatier crabs and luxurious white pepper sauce.

Tao’s version is made with copious amounts of butter, combining the nutty aroma of brown butter with the wok hei of a well-seasoned wok.

Tao Seafood Asia, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, #02-10, Singapore 018961.

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