Where To Eat The Top 5 Crab Dishes In Singapore

It’s no secret that Singaporeans love crab, – here’s where you can get the absolute best

By Nicole-Marie Ng

If I had to pick only one type of seafood to have for the rest of my life, the answer is definitely crab. The firm, sweet and salty flesh pairs well with almost any sauce and I’m proud to say that we’ve perfected the art of cooking and eating crab here in Singapore.

These are some of the most popular crab dishes in our island (with good reason) and the restaurants that do it best.

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1. Chilli Crab

This sweet and spicy dish is as ubiquitous to Singapore as chicken rice or kaya toast. Served with a side of deep-fried or steamed mantou, the chilli crab is a red glistening treasure more precious than any ruby.

Every local will have a favourite restaurant they head to for chilli crab, but our pick has to be Jumbo Seafood for its thick, eggy sauce that is not in the least starchy.

Long Beach King, 220 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore 397803.

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