Why Churro 101 might be better than your boyfriend

Fall in love with crunchy, coated and filled churros at this newly-opened Korean dessert chain

Churro 101_Real Spanish Churros

How will these Korean churros match up to their Spanish counterparts?

Consider us lucky: Churro 101, a popular dessert chain from Korea, has opened its very first international outpost in our Little Red Dot.

But these unconventional multi-coloured Korean fried churros, riding on the Hallyu wave of over-the-top desserts like cheesecake bingsus and popcorn-topped milky soft serves, look vastly different from their original Spanish counterparts.

Too pretty to eat

Churro 101_Dark Chocolate Churros

Possibly the most colourful churros in town

In fact, looking at these vibrantly-coloured dough sticks had me wondering if they were upsized Pocky sticks instead.

Churro 101’s signature offerings include churros coated in dark chocolate and covered in a variety of toppings that range from strawberry crunch to almond slices and even coconut powder.

Each of these dark chocolate churros will set you back by $5.40 and trust me, you won’t even think twice about paying $0.50 more for the above-mentioned toppings just because of how pretty it looks.

Taste-wise, they were crisp on the outside with a fluffy centre.

Fans of authentic Spanish churros might also realise that Churro 101’s rendition is fried extra crispy and possibly not as moist as their Spanish counterparts.

Surprise in every bite

Churro 101_Filled Churros

Bite slowly, and watch the delicious fillings ooze

If you prefer your churros less showy, opt for their filled churros.

On the exterior, these humble-looking fried dough sticks look like your average churro but glance closer and you’ll spot blobs of luscious custard threatening to spill out from the ends.

My personal favourite has to be the Churro with Milk Custard ($4.50). Made in-house, the outpouring of mildly sweet and creamy custard with each bite of the churro was certainly a pleasant surprise.

Want to enjoy the same churros adored by your favourite K-Pop groups like Girls’ Generation or Miss A?

Go for the Churro with Cream Cheese ($4.70), said to be the most popular flavour in Korea’s Churro 101.

Those craving for more than a snack can even enjoy a Churro set ($5.90-$6.80) with ice cream or coffee.

Better than a boyfriend?

With the cheeky tagline of ‘better than a boyfriend’, we can almost imagine hordes of happy ladies gathering at the churro café.

Churro 101 is filled with quirky props as well as a permanent photo wall, so we couldn’t be too wrong — selfies, anyone?

Churro 101
201 Victoria Street #04-01
Singapore 188067

by Samantha Francis