7 Log Cakes to try this Christmas

What is Christmas without merry making and jolly feasting? We round up the prettiest log cakes in town – add this to your shopping list!

It is hard to pull off the perfect Christmas cake. No one can argue that log cake (or turkey for the savoury toothed) is the centerpiece of any Christmas celebration. Now the log cake is usually served at the end to conclude the dinner so make sure you have the perfect finish to your indulgent dinner with these!

Carlton Hotel Mango Yuzu Manjari Log Cake ($62+)

Prime Pick: Carlton Hotel Mango Yuzu Manjari Log Cake

Boasting of offering both sweet and tangy goodness in a delicate creation, the Mango Yuzu Manjari Log cake is a lovely balance of sweet fresh ripped mangoes combined with flavour of yuzu, a refreshing Japanese citrus fruit, melts in your mouth. The bittersweet Valrhona Manjari dark chocolate coating serves as a welcome to those who prefer a less-sweet option.

Available at Carlton Hotel

MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake ($46.90)
MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake ($46.90)

MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake

This log cake comes with seven layers of flavoured cream: cream cheese; orange cream; caramel; blueberry; peppermint; chocolate chips; and almond. Take a bite and relish an explosion of flavours. Each layer of sponge cake is light and cottony. Crowning the cake are chocolate ganache and a medley of fresh strawberries and berries. With such a wonderful splash of colours, it is no wonder this stunning masterpiece is our choice pick for Christmas!

Available at MEDZS outlets

Bakerzin Tropical Christmas ($62)

Bakerzin Tropical Christmas Log Cake

This elegantly decorated cake starts out with a delicate almond dacquoise base followed by a light genoise sandwiched between two layers coconut mousse dotted with crunchy desiccated coconut. A generous layer of salted caramel mousse balances out the sweetness of the dacquoise and genoise before the whole cake is encased in coconut mousse and topped off with a light caramel cream.

Available at Bakerzin outlets

Delifrance Pistachio Log Cake ($45)

Delifrance Pistachio Log Cake

Embodying the spirit of a white Christmas, this vanilla log cake is layered with cream cheese and savory pistachio for pure mouth-watering pleasure. The soft, spongey texture of the cake is starkly contrasted by the crunchy pistachios. Ready yourself for cream cheese overload!

Available at Delifrance outlets

Goodwood D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake ($64)

Goodwood D4 Durian Christmas Log Cake

A perennial favourite, this 1-kg treat promises lashings of creamy durian goodness within layers of vanilla sponge. Modeled to look like an actual log, this local-flavoured piece features a crown of colorful fruits, white chocolate swirls and meringue tinged “twigs”.

Available at Goodwood Hotel

O’ Coffee Club White Lychee Christmas ($58.85)

O’ Coffee Club White Lychee Christmas

This traditional swiss-roll log cake features a light orange sponge cake layered with a fragrant lychee emulsion and piquant raspberry jam. Nestled in the centre is a rose essence cream, adding a touch of red to the otherwise white Christmas-esque cake.

Available at O’ Coffee Club outlets

Prima Deli Santa’s Sleigh Ride ($59.90)

Prima Deli Santa’s Sleigh Ride

This is our reader’s pick! The Santa’s Sleigh Ride is a classic offering with a sparkle. The centre of the cake is a soft and moist vanilla sponge with light vanilla fresh cream, held together with a crunchy chocolate façade topped with a medley of fresh fruits. The sprinkle of icing sugar does lend a Christmas tune to the cake, doesn’t it!

Available at Prima Deli outlets

By Nicole Lee