Fresh Eats: New Restaurants To Check Out This Month

Feast at Two Hana, Mona Lounge, Chengdu Restaurant, Ganglamedo and House of Mu

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Photo: Chengdu Restuarant 

3. Chengdu Restaurant

Chengdu Restaurant does a swell job of offering an authentic taste of Sichuan cuisine in theatrical presentations. Case in point is the Spicy Grilled Frog Skewer ($29.80) that served on a miniature straw boat with dry ice spewing out. Getups aside, the skewer dish is not all show with the offering of tender meat and a crispy exterior, further glazed with spicy and flavourful marinade. But of course, it is the traditional Fish with Green Pepper Soup ($26.80/$35.80) that you’ll want to order to ease off one’s mala cravings. Then there’s the Giant Sesame Ball ($15) that fittingly concludes a meal. The Chengdu restaurant’s chef has to eyeball the frying process of the treat to achieve its size, taking a solid 15 minute for each pastry globe. The result is a seedy, sweet and crispy exterior that goes delightfully with the chewy insides due to glutinous rice flour in the making.

74 Amoy Street, Singapore 069893

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