Flock To Bird Bird For Seriously Good Fried Chicken

Fried chicken inspired by flavours from Bangkok and Lebanon, as well as secret hot sauces

Photo: Bird Bird/Weekender

Boy oh boy, do the folks at Bird Bird take their fried chicken seriously.

Nestled in a family-friendly neighbourhood — a drastic change from its nightlife-centric postal code of Ann Siang, the cafe continues to serve tantalising dishes alongside its salad bar ($6 per plate).

Those well acquainted with their iconic Southern Fried Chicken will be pleased to know that Bird Bird has updated their menu with two new fried chicken offerings, Bangkok and Lebanese, which come with specially-formulated sauces.

Here is what you should try when you flock to Bird Bird:

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7. Durian Softie Pie, $16

Before you slip into a food coma, dig into the Durian Softie Pie for the perfect end to your meal. The sweet treat features swirls of toasted milk soft serve sitting atop durian pudding encased in an almond pie crust.

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