4 Highlights At This Year’s Epicurean Market

Expect premium master classes, celebrity chef dishes, after parties and more

Photos: Marina Bay Sands

The best part about living in this food paradise? There’s always a food festival around the corner.

Hot on the heels of a food-filled month, is the Epicurean Market at Marina Bay Sands. Held from 12 to 14 Aug, this year’s edition will present a smorgasbord of tasty offerings to excite food and wine connoisseurs alike.

Here are four highlights to keep an eye out for:

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Epicurean Waku Ghin Grilled Ohmi Beef 110815-2

1. Celebrity chef dishes

Newly-minted Michelin-starred restaurants Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda and CUT by Wolfgang Puck will be featured, alongside award-winning restaurants and celebrity chefs.

Some must-tries include Waku Ghin’s Marinated Botan Shrimp with Uni and Caviar; CUT’s Snake River Farms New York Sirloin steaks; Bread Street Kitchen’s signature Fish and Chips and more.

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