#WeekendEats: Drench Your Burger In Cheddar Cheese At Common Chefs

Also try the Wazza (waffle + pizza) and spicy Mexican tacos

Photo: Common Chefs

In the north of Singapore lies a gem of cafe you might not know about yet.

Tucked away in Sembawang and hidden from prying eyes is Common Chefs, a cafe cum bakery which serves unpretentious, affordable and delicious comfort food inspired by both Western and Asian flavours.

Here are some dishes we loved:

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2. Okonomiyaki Wazza, from $10

Craving for both pizza and waffles? Solve your conundrum by ordering the Wazza.

Diners can look forward to the vegetarian Go Green Wazza  or the Japanese-inspired Okonomiyaki Wazza.

We had the pleasure of trying the latter, which came topped with tuna paste, tamago, nori and bonito flakes.

While we appreciate this culinary innovation, the Okonomiyaki Wazza didn’t quite pique our fancy as the sweet waffle overwhelmed its savoury toppings.

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