Get Your Hands On Paper Lantern Distilling’s Sichuan Pepper Gin

Paper Lantern Distilling, a new boutique craft spirits company in Singapore, has artisanal Sichuan Pepper Gin for sale

By Nicole-Marie Ng

Created by husband and wife team, Rick and Simin Kayhan Ames, Paper Lantern Distilling’s Sichuan Pepper Gin is the first-ever crowdfunded craft gin to launch in Asia.

The Singaporean boutique craft spirit company is hosting a crowdfunding campaign with Pozible from May 19 to sell limited edition first batch bottles of their Sichuan Pepper Gin.

The gin is distilled in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is the first product from the Paper Lantern. The company aims to sell more spirits created with local and Asian ingredients.


Paper Lantern_Sichuan Pepper Gin 2

A taste of Asia

With the flavour of Sichuan pepper combined with other ingredients like ginger, galangal, lemongrass and Thai honey, the gin is aromatic, delicate and smooth, lending itself perfectly to a refreshing and light serve with soda and lime.

Spirit enthusiasts Simin & Rick first came to Southeast Asia in 2010 from the US and fell in love with the unique ingredients that surrounded them. When they looked on the shelves in the liquor stores and behind the bar, they didn’t see many local flavours in the bottles.

With so many inspiring ingredients in the region, they decided to create spirits that will highlight local flavours.


Paper Lantern_Sichuan Pepper Gin 4

Show your support

Paper Lantern Distilling’s landmark crowdfunding campaign managed to reach its S$15,000 target within 30 hours and the campaign is currently 160% funded. The campaign will run till Jun 17 with bottles of Sichuan Pepper Gin still available for buyers.

To buy the first 150 numbered, limited edition bottles visit their page on Pozible here.