Refined Dim Sum at Shang Palace

Dim Sum is refined to an art with the new chef at Shang Palace

Despite having been to the other restaurants in Shangri-La hotel several times, I have never crossed paths with Shang Palace. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when they appointed a new dim sum chef in the kitchen. Chef Kerene Cheng has been perfecting her skills for 15 years at a local five-star hotel and renowned restaurant groups in Singapore prior to joining the Shangri-La family. And it shows in her delicate dim sums! Steamed Gems

Shang Palace - Assorted Dim Sum
Xiao Long Bao, Ha Kao, Teochew Dumpling and Guo Tie

Dim sum standards are given an upgrade at Chef Cheng’s hands, and it’s evident in the Siew Mai ($7). The steamed pork dumpling is filled with prawn, mushroom, and topped with fish roe. The dumpling is springy and flavourful without the overpowering smell of pork. The Steamed Teochew Dumplings ($6.50) are a decadent treat with baby abalone, pork, dried shrimp, and chives. However, my favourite was Shang Palace’s take on the prawn roll. The Crisp Fried Fresh Prawn Roll ($6) is filled with prawn and lychee mayonnaise sauce. It oozes with sweetness and fragrance at first bite! The Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Buns ($6), or more colloquially known as ‘liu sha bao’, is extremely watery. It is probably one of the most liquid-tasting custard buns I’ve ever had. And luckily there is no gross oil and custard separation inside it as well. Yum Cha Time


Deep Fried Bacon Rol with Enoki Mushroom
Deep Fried Bacon Roll with Enoki Mushroom

Exemplary items such as Duck’s Tongue in Soya Sauce ($12) and Fried Turnip Cake in XO Sauce ($8) are also available on the menu. However, I would recommend the Steamed Turnip Cake ($5.50) with conpoy, Chinese sausage, and dried shrimp. The steamed turnip cake is soft and mushy while the Chinese sausage brings out a wonderful sweetness to the dish. I would suggest the light Almond Cream ($14) as a dessert. It has a strong almond taste, but it is not too cloying. Most of these dishes are familiar to the Chinese, but the preparation is the rubbing that transforms mediocre to delicious. Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350, Tel: 6213 4473

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