Be charmed by Tung Lok Mooncakes

Food Tung Lok Mooncakes Mini Snowskin Mooncakes
Mini Snowskin Mooncakes from the New & Nourishing range
Food Tung Lok Mooncakes Mini Snowskin Mooncakes
Mini Snowskin Mooncakes from the New & Nourishing range

Enjoy your Mid-Autumn celebrations with this tempting range of Tung Lok Mooncakes

Relish this time of the year with traditions passed down from generation to generation, as you savour these gorgeous mooncakes from Tung Lok.

Completely Baked

With an array of traditional as well as snow skin mooncakes, you will be spoilt for choice. The Tung Lok Four Seasons ($56 for four) is made for traditionalists with flavours such as Egg Yolk White Lotus, Egg Yolk Red Lotus, and Egg Yolk Pandan Lotus with Pistachios and Mixed Nuts.

Another popular favourite is the Tung Lok Bite-Sized Mooncakes ($52 for eight). These small mooncakes help fulfil your mooncake craving without adding too much to your waistline. Of course, the Mini Snowskin Mooncakes are not forgotten.

Food Tung Lok Tutti Frutti Passion Fruit & Strawberry
Tutti Frutti Passion Fruit & Strawberry

Smooth like Snow

The Tutti Frutti Collection ($52 for eight) is for you if you love new flavours. Comprising Durian with Chestnut, Honeydew with Tropical Fruits, Mango Apricot and Passion Fruit with Strawberry, it is a refreshing change from the usual lotus paste.

Also available in the snow skin range are the New & Nourishing Collection and the Classic Favourite Collection both retailing at $52 for eight. The newly-added New & Nourishing Collection features Chrysanthemum, Grains with Brown Sugar, Black Sesame and Red Dates with Longan.

Pretty Packages

All Tung Lok Mooncakes are available from now until Sep 19, while stocks last. They come in chic suitcase-inspired boxes in a bright pink magenta, and topped with a thin strap for easy handling.

If you prefer a touch of Chinoiserie, opt for the Shanghai Dream boxes. Gracing the cover is a backdrop of charming belles from vintage posters of the 1930s era Shanghai. These designs are sure to charm you.

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