Authentic Eats at Legendary Hong Kong

London Roast Duck Rice

Eight Hong Kong Chefs have been brought to Legendary Hong Kong in Jurong Point for a legend-wait for it-dary meal

I’m usually quite disappointed in the quality of the ‘Hong Kong Cafes’ in Singapore, as the food is sub-par. However, upon discovering Legendary Hong Kong in the new ‘Mongkok Street’ in Jurong Point, I’m no longer disappointed.

“Mongkok Street” In Jurong Point

Walking into Mongkok Street is actually quite a shock on its own because the décor is essentially Hong Kong with bright neon signs and somewhat tacky designs. Legendary Hong Kong is one of the establishments in the new street with eight chefs from Hong Kong specialising in roast meats, wanton noodles, congee, dim sum, and drinks.

Best of Hong Kong

There are over 300 items available on the menu of Legendary Hong Kong, with four different entrances corresponding to the sub-themes of the restaurant. After trying the specialities, I have decided that I like the Roasted London Duck ($14.80 a portion) best.

London Roast Duck Rice
London Roast Duck Rice

The duck is imported from Ireland’s Silver Hill Farms, which supplies most of the best Chinese restaurants in Europe. The duck is tender and fatty, but my favourite part of the dish was the lack of gamey scent.

Yum Cha and Enjoy

I was also introduced to another type of chee cheong fun, which I was told is the original way chee cheong fun was eaten in Hong Kong – the Thick Rice Roll with Dough Fritters ($4.50). The combination is crunchy, savoury, and familiar at the same time. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

Rice Roll with Dough Fritter is a traditional HK snack
Rice Roll with Dough Fritter is a traditional HK snack

What’s a Hong Kong Café without “gong zai meen” (instant noodles)? The Nissin noodles used at the restaurant are brought in from Hong Kong because the owners felt that the one in Singapore tasted different. There was no discernible difference to me, but I did like the standard Noodle with Luncheon Meat and Egg in Soup ($5.20)

However, there is a queue with about a half hour wait to get into the restaurant. Luckily, we think it is worth the wait. Go and judge for yourself.

Legendary Hong Kong, Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre, 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80, Singapore 648331

By Cheryl Chia