BreadTalk Launches Nasi Lemak Inspired Bread

The homegrown bakery has unveiled five new breads, in collaboration with award-winning Taiwanese Chef Johnny Chen

Photos: BreadTalk

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First Love ($2.40)

What are 5 must-eats for someone visiting Taiwan for the first time and why?

    • Oyster omelette – I heard that Singapore also has oyster omelette, but it’s quite different from Taiwan’s version, which is very popular with the locals.
    • Braised intestine mee sua – This is a very hearty dish, flavourful and easy to eat.
    • Braised pork rice – comfort food!
    • Small sausage in large sausage (大肠包小肠) – this is a popular street snack in Taiwan, commonly found at the night markets.
    • Ding Bian Cuo – you can only find this in the Keelung night market. I like it very much because it is a unique dish.

The Flavours of Jubilation’ Premium Collection is now available at BreadTalk stores.

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