African Surprise


How many times have we heard our parents goad us into finishing the food on our plates as “there are children starving in Africa”? Whether because of this or otherwise, little do Singaporeans know that not everyone in Africa is starving, and there is a wide variety of cuisines from different parts of the great expanse of Africa.

Do you know that we have African cuisine available right here in Singapore?

Here is a slightly updated list of a few good African restaurants that you can find in Singapore. Why not try some African food this weekend?

3D Harmony

Attached to a guesthouse, 3D Harmony serves a range of food with a focus on African cuisine such as chicken plantains, egusi – a kind of melon seed popular in West Africa – with fish and pounded yams as well as jallof rice. The egusi with fish is said to remind Singaporeans of hae bi hiam [chilli shrimp paste].

8 Mayo Street, #01-01, Singapore 208308

Pasha restaurant & Bar

This Moroccan restaurant is located on the rooftop of the whitewashed boutique hotel, The Sultan, in Kampong Glam. The restaurant has a mix of Berber, Arab, Mediterranean and Moorish influences with dishes such as couscous merguez, a couscous and lamb sausage dish, chicken tagine and fish shamoula kebab.

64 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199940

Deli Moroccan cuisine

This place on Bussorah Street is a little less refined than Pasha, but also serves typical Moroccan food such as a mezze platter with flat breads and hummus, lamb apricot tagine and a piping hot pot of Moroccan mint tea. Be sure to tell them that you don’t want any sugar in it if you prefer itunsweetened.

30 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199448

Café le Caire

Serving a mix of Middle Eastern food as well as Egyptian cuisine, the front may look hot and stuffy but ask the staff to lead you upstairs to the cool enclave at the back. They serve a large range of mezze platters, shawarma and kebabs.

39 Arab Street, Singapore 199736