7 Dining Destinations That’ll Guarantee You That Second Date

Because the way to the heart is through the belly

The difference between a good date and a let’s-pretend-this-never-happened is downright obvious; it’s filled with many “meh” moments and you’ll be able to tell if you’re going to get a second date or not. Many a time, it comes down to the choice of venue. A classic dinner date still triumphs over all those “50 alternative date ideas” as it is the perfect setting for a decent conversation. So, we have rounded up 7 dining spots in Singapore that when done right, will guarantee you that second date!

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2. Ibid – For a taste closer to home 

Housed in a riverside shophouse along North Canal road, Ibid is a true testament to East meets West. Chef-Owner and the winner of the inaugural MasterChef Asia, Woo Wai Leong, draws his inspiration for Ibid from ‘Nanyang-Style Contemporary Chinese Cuisine’ which is essentially traditional Chinese cuisine with subtle but impactful western influences. The uncommon cuisine is sure to delight and impress your date with reinterpreted local classics such as the multidimensional Tea Egg, presented on a bed of onion puree, before showered with a heartwarming broth of aged Mandarin peels and pu-er tea leaves, and Steamed Lotus Rice that conceals a wad of foie gras.

18 North Canal Road, Singapore 048830

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