5 Reasons Ola Beach Club Makes A Kickass Weekend Hangout

They've got family-friendly Hawaiian cuisine, tiki cocktails and water-propelled water sports

Photo: Ola Beach Club

On the sun-kissed island of Sentosa, there's no lack of hangouts for beach lovers eyeing a piece of chill-out haven.

But for those seeking something that's equal parts thrilling and family-friendly, Ola Beach Club is perfect for you.

The newly-unveiled Hawaiian-themed lifestyle destination offers a slice of island life with water-sports, delicious eats and cocktails.

Here are five reasons you'll want to bring your family and friends there:

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3. Singapore’s first and only water-propelled Jet Pack and Jetblade

You might’ve tried a couple of adrenaline-filled water sports, but what about Jet Pack and Jetblade?

At Ola Beach Club, visitors can try the water-propelled Jet Pack (from $228) which, when securely harnessed to the user, enables one to fly through the air at a top speed of 40 kilometres per hour and is capable of reaching a maximum height of nine metres.

Equally thrilling is the Jetblade (from $228), a water-propelled device akin to a hover board. Once you get more experienced, you can even manoeuvre the board to plunge through the water up to 2.5 metres!

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