[UPDATED] 6 Places to Get Your Nasi Lemak Burger Fix

Still down about the demise of McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger? Well, grieve no more as 6 eateries have stepped up to the plate with their own renditions of the sought-after Nasi Lemak burger!

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Photo: Antoinette

1. Antoinette

The Parisian pâtisserie and restaurant is set to tingle one’s tastebuds with its offering of the XXXL Nasi Lemak Burger ($20), available from 9 to 31 August.

As a nostalgic reflection of Chef Pang Kok’s childhood, the XXXL Nasi Lemak Burger wafts a sweet fragrance from the pandan-infused Japanese rice patties that sandwich a sunny side up egg, a spicy homemade otah of mackerel and prawn, and a slice of luncheon meat. However, the star of the show is the massive, crispy slab of chicken breast that is reminiscent of the fried snack Chef had at his school’s canteen as a kid. For the finishing touches, a housemade blend of sambal is smeared in for tradition’s sake, where the sweetness of the spicy sauce comes from nectar of gula melaka.

30 Penhas Road 

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