[UPDATED] 6 Places to Get Your Nasi Lemak Burger Fix

Still down about the demise of McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger? Well, grieve no more as 6 eateries have stepped up to the plate with their own renditions of the sought-after Nasi Lemak burger!

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Photo: The Quarters

2. The Quarters

Having frequently recreating iconic local dishes such as the popular Satay Burger and Salted Egg Fries, we expected no less from The Quarters which has since given its own take of the Nasi Lemak burger. Embodying the familiar taste of the Malay dish, the eatery’s Nasi Lemak Burger ($16) comes with a turmeric battered chicken thigh, slotted in between slabs of coconut-scented rice patties. Best of all, the burger is slathered with semi-sweet Nasi Lemak chilli and topped with a runny egg for added indulgence. This burger is available from 1 to 31 August 2017.

Icon Village, 16 Enggor Street, 01-09, Singapore 079717

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