5 Eye-catching Mooncakes You Should Get Based On Looks Alone

Our list takes into consideration not only the appearance of the mooncakes, but also the beautiful boxes that safeguard them

Pardon us as we go against the proverb of judging a book by its cover when mooncakes are involved. Likening to precious gems in treasure troves, the presentation of mooncakes is something not to be taken lightly of when the Mid-Autumn festivities come around. From the intricate etchings on their snow-skin facades to the elaborate vessels that host them, these mooncakes have commanded our attention with their gorgeous appearances alone.

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Photo: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden

2. Hello Kitty Orchid Garden’s Ice Cream Mooncakes ($33.80 for a box of 2 pieces)

Fans of the feline character Hello Kitty will certainly take delight in the 24-hour themed cafe Hello Kitty Orchid Garden’s ice cream mooncake. With the bow-sporting head of the feline friend carved on the pastry exterior, the ice cream mooncakes are available in two flavours: pink passionfruit punch, and butter me up. The former consists of tangy passionfruit ice cream, while the latter offers an indulgent salted butterscotch ice cream, wedged with cookie crumble bits in betweem.


Available at Hello Kitty Orchid Garden (Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3)  until 24 September 

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