5 Cafés For Instagram-Worthy Desserts

Not only do they taste good, but these desserts are pretty enough for the gram

Verbalising the deliciousness of a particular meal isn’t as impactful as showing visual receipts via Instagram.

Thankfully, our local dessert cafés seem to feel the same way. From the embellishments of its interior decor to the detailing of every plate, these eateries are stepping up their game to churn out desserts that can be potentially viral with their too-pretty-to-eat appearances.

So here are five dessert cafés that offers photogenic desserts for you to snap away to greater Instagram fame.

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Rubber Ducky, $12.90
Photo: Non Entrée Desserts

1. Non Entrée Desserts

Despite its unassuming exteriors and its awfully obscure location, Non Entrée Desserts continues to draw crowds with its amazingly innovative and exquisite creations. With an ever-evolving menu, this place has always been known for putting their latest eccentric ideas out to suit the occasion. So regardless of whether you’re a new fan or a regular frequenter at the café, you can expect to be constantly surprised by what you’ll discover there.

204 Rangoon Road, Hong Building, S218451

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