5 Blooming New Dishes By Pollen’s New Chef, Steve Allen

The Gordon Ramsay alumnus ups the ante with French-Mediterranean dishes

Photos: Pollen

Pollen, tucked away within the living and breathing foliage of Flower Dome in Gardens By The Bay, is no doubt one of the most romantic restaurants in Singapore.

With new executive chef Steve Allen on board, it looks set to up the ante for diners.

The distinctively French menu is coupled with Mediterranean influences inspired by the coast. Having worked with culinary bigwigs like Gordon Ramsay, chef Steve has developed a penchant for using classic French techniques on quality produce.

What results is a cohesive menu of textural and playful elements, brought to life with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Dishes are interjected with various surprises in the form of mini snacks, to cleanse the palate and heighten the senses as the meal is experienced.

Here are five dishes we loved:

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1. Red Prawn Tartare and Tomatos

The essence of Mediterranean cuisine is well captured in this brightly coloured starter, where the sweet acidity from the tomatoes offer a wonderful contrast against the fresh Sicilian prawns. There’s plenty of texture in every mouthful, from the prawn crumbs to the frozen tomato consomme.

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