5 Artisanal Chocolate Treats To Try At The Dark Gallery

We died and went to chocolate heaven

While chocolate may be the easiest to scoff down in a single sitting, a more polished experience can be expected when it comes to these delightful treats at The Dark Gallery.

Easing into the new abode of Millenia Walk, The Dark Gallery smooths out the rough edges of unrestrained chocolate addicts with its alluring array of confections, where some variations might require you sit back and reflect on the complex blend of flavours.

With delectable goodies sourced from gourmet chocolate brands such as Valrhona and Cacao Barry, alongside the workmanship of reclusive chocolatiers, serial dieters will definitely fall prey when at The Dark Gallery, which tempts with its slew of ice cream, bonbons, macarons, and hot and iced beverages.

Here are just five chocolate sins to try:

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5. Frozen S’more ($7.50)

For a sweet rendition of a campfire classic sans the outdoorsy shenanigans, try the Frozen S’more where a block of 80% dark chocolate ice cream is coated with graham cracker crumb, before encased in a homemade marshmallow and blowtorched to gooey perfection upon order.

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