10 Best Places To Fulfil Your Bubble Tea Cravings In Singapore

Plus, Gong Cha is now LiHo and serves cheese-infused teas

To the surprise of bubble tea fans, Gong Cha recently rebranded itself as LiHo, which is Hokkien for "How are you?".

After making a critical business decision to move away from its previous identity, the bubble tea brand now deems itself as a uniquely Singaporean brand.

And along with the name change, comes a fresh new menu with ingredients sourced from entirely different suppliers.

Sporting sleeker and slimmer cups, the bubble teas now come in cheese-infused flavours, where milk teas are topped with gooey cheese foam in place of regular frothy milk foam.

While 30 Gong Cha outlets have since been metamorphosed into LiHo, the last remaining 50 will soon follow by 5 June.

In the meantime, here are ten more bubble tea hot spots to fulfil your cravings at:

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Photo: Each-a-Cup

10. Each-a-Cup

Perhaps the only bubble tea chain that offers an indulgent 120 per cent sugar level, Each-a-Cup uses only fresh juices and quality concentrated juices for its drinks, which are made via a special Tea-Presso technique.


Available at all Each-a-Cup outlets including  #01-30, 5 Stadium Walk, Kallang Leisure Park

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