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McDonald’s My Melody Food Holders Are Coming From 6 Dec

Your fries and coke will look so adorable

Photo: Weekender

Last month, there was a huge frenzy in Japan when their McDonald’s launched the My Melody food holders. They are still going viral, as we discovered while we were in Japan ourselves just last week. We thank our lucky stars we could get our hands on the kawaii holders early, but very soon, everyone in Singapore can share the cuteness, too!

On 6 December, McDonald’s Singapore will also be making the Sanrio collectible available to customers. You can get the My Melody holders at $6.90 with any purchase, limited to five holders per transaction.

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

We’re getting a more affordable price than the Japanese, who have to make a 890 Yen (about S$10.70) purchase to get the holders.

The buckets are great for holding your fries and coke when you’re getting takeaway from McDonald’s. Friendly to the eyes and the environment! There are two different compartments perfectly designed to hold a drink cup and fries. But as we’ve tried in our first photo above, you can fit a burger and other snacks in the spaces, too.

Photo: Weekender

You can even unhook the straps to hook around your car’s headrest, keeping your yummy food secure when you’re ordering at a drive-thru.

Photo: The Idea King

Here’s another look at how those in Japan are loving the My Melody McDonald’s holder:

We’re shaking just thinking of the long queues at McDonald’s outlets on the morning of 6 December. Psst, the holders will be available from 4am that day, so you can actually make it before work or school.