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These Gladiator Groomsmen Are Conquering Hearts

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By Pamela Chow

They may be dressed all Spartan, but we say they look like royalty.

This photograph of nine Gladiators and their six packs, strutting down the street like stars from the movie 300, has taken Singapore’s Facebook community by storm.

Photo: Benjamin Ho & Zachary Lee / Facebook

Leading the pack is groom Zachary Lee, 25, who is here to sweep his new bride off her feet on his wedding day. Accompanying the personal trainer are his groomsmen, who are marketing executives, undergraduates and one personal trainer and navy officer, Lee told The Straits Times. Just in case you were wondering.

Lee’s photo went viral after comedy account SGag posted it with a meme that might perfectly encapsulate the reactions of the bridesmaids – and the reactions of everyone else who wishes they could gatecrash Lee’s wedding too.

Lee and his groomsmen are carrying out the Chinese wedding tradition of “gatecrashing”, typically held on the morning of the wedding day, when the groom arrives with his entourage to ‘pick up’ the bride.

Before he can do so, however, he and his groomsmen must entertain and pass certain ‘tests’ set by the bridemaids.

But since they came dressed like that, we imagine the bridesmaids didn’t put up much of a fight.