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Follow These A-dog-able Instagram Accounts Now

Every day will be puppy day with these cute dogs on your Instagram feed


It was National Puppy Day in America on Mar 23. Just because we don’t have an official Puppy Day in Singapore (we should), it doesn’t mean we can’t join in the celebrations.

We’ve rounded up some of the most insta-famous dogs and puppies for you to follow if you have not already done so. From old dogs to young dogs, big dogs to small dogs, Corgis to Chihuahuas, these puppy dog eyes are sure to melt the heart.


1. @moem_n

Arguably the prettiest dog on Instagram, Kuma’s hairstyles put all of us to shame.


2. @marniethedog

Marnie is a 13-year old Shih Tzu who can’t keep her tongue in her mouth, proving that senior dogs can be just as cute as puppies!


3. @buddyboowaggytails

The most famous pomeranian in all the land, join Boo and his friends Buddy and Blue on their adventures.


4. @itsdougthepug

Known for his hilarious outfits, check out Doug dressed up as Elvis, a Duck, Harry Potter and plenty of other characters. His expression in these photos makes things even better.


5. @harlowandsage

Sage was the original Miniature Dachshund that was best friends with Harlow the Weimaraner. After Sage passed away, Harlow acquired two new friends, Indiana and Reese, the two young Minature Dachshunds that are now a part of the Instagram feed.


6. @thedogist

Similar to Humans of New York but with portraits of dogs instead of humans. The photo-documentary series is beautifully shot and worth following.



7. @michcant

Silky Terriers dressed in a new outfit every day. Sign us up.



8. @ps.ny

A bright and clean feed featuring an art student living in New York and her Toy Poodle pet. She also runs @houndsbazaar, an Instagram account featuring pups from around the world.


9. @emwng

A Los Angeles native that takes vibrant pictures with her pet Corgi and Japanese Spitz


10. @reagandoodle

Mr Reagan is a regal looking Australian Labradoodle who protects and play with his human little brother.


11. @marutaro

The most Insta-famous dog of them all, this Shiba Inu currently has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram!


Know of anymore puppy powered Instagram accounts we should check out? Share the love and let us know!