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5 Singlish Words We Can’t Believe Are In The Oxford Dictionary

You can now say you’re blur and it’ll be perfectly acceptable English

By Pamela Chow

It was amusing enough that “la” and “kampong” were previously added to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) – now, even more Singlish words have been inducted into the official this-is-acceptable-English list.

Now, Microsoft Word, please stop trying to correct my Singlish. If this can help cement Singaporean identity, I’d say it’s rather “shiok” – I’m sorry, I mean, shiok.

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(Photo: onthesannyside.blogspot.com)

1. Shiok

The quintessential Singlish word has officially been recognised by the authority of English words.

Derived from the Malay word “syok”, shiok is defined as a term that expresses “admiration or approval”, and is likened to words like “cool!” and “great!”

Yeah… No. Those don’t cut it. Shiok is shiok, and we’re glad it’s in the OED.

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