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9 Unforgettable Experiences You’ll Have When You Dine In The Sky

Enjoy a four-course meal, 150 feet off the ground

Photos and text by Samantha Francis

Like in the Pixar movie ‘Up‘, where a house was lifted into the sky by thousands of balloons, we were promptly swept off our feet — all while strapped onto seats.

It’s a surreal experience to say the least. We’re seated at a dining table in rollercoaster-like seats, hanging from a crane 150 feet off the ground.

But for foodies seeking an out-of-this world dining experience, Dinner In The Sky is worth checking off the list.

Returning for its third time in Malaysia, the month long event will be held at Puteri Harbour from May 20 onwards, with two dinners served daily in the beautiful Johor skies.

We took the plunge and here are nine truly unforgettable experiences we had:


1. Getting a first look at this extraordinary dinner table

Upon arriving, we were greeted by this contraption of a dining table with seats that looked like they were meant for a rollercoaster.

It was attached to a crane that looked like it was at least 40-50 metres high. Unbridled excitement and some fear was experienced.



2. Meeting these serious looking chefs and safety officials

I took a closer look at these four men and studied their serious faces. Serious is good, I decided. After all, they’ll be the ones ensuring our safety and keeping us well satiated throughout our Dinner In The Sky.



3. Wondering if this was a theme park ride

Up, up and away goes the VIP table before us, till it becomes a speck in the sky. You can’t blame bystanders for wondering if this was a theme park ride or *gasp* an oversized selfie stick…



4. Getting surprised by a stunning fireworks display

If you’re lucky like us, you might just be able to witness a fireworks display while you’re dining in the sky. Talk about bragging rights!



5. Trying to keep our flying hair away from our faces

Here we are, miles above the ground and strapped in for safety. The journey upwards was slow and extremely stable, almost like an elevator — no worries about falling cutlery!

Pro tip: Ladies with long hair should have a hair tie on hand! It’s windy up there.



6. Attempting to mask our excitement (and fear) in our selfies

Mark our words, you will be taking endless selfies and videos — so keep that smile on. Just remember to hold your phones and cameras tightly and keep them far from the edge when you’re not using them!



7. Being greeted by this night scape

If you’re feeling brave, feel free to swivel your chair left and right to catch the beautiful night scape of Puteri Harbour.

There’s also a little lever to the right of your seat, where you can use to tilt your seat slightly backwards. Only gutsy souls should attempt this feat.



8. Getting our bellies filled with a delightful four-course meal

With so much excitement around, it’s easy to forget that the star of the whole Dining In The Sky experience is the food.

Prepared by Tosca Trattoria Italiana of DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, the four-course menu offers a choice of mains: Australian Lamb Rump, Free Range Chicken Breast, Slow Cooked Wagyu Beef and Baked Cod Fish.

The wagyu was tender and juicy, altogether an excellent dish. Unfortunately, it was a little bit cold when we tucked in – no thanks to the windy situation.



9. A hero’s welcome

As we chowed down on our sweet yet tangy Cherry Tiramisu dessert, our table made its way down. Then, like a farewell gift, pyrotechnics lit up around us — a worthy welcome back to the ground!

Dinner In The Sky Malaysia is priced from RM599 per person (estimated $202.82). Book your experience at www.dinnerinthesky.my