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We Take A Look At That $500 Gucci Swimsuit You Can’t Swim In

Taking ridiculousness to a whole new level in the name of fashion.

Luxury fashion brands these days dream up the weirdest, most-out-of-the-world ideas for haute-couture, and the latest of these is Gucci’s latest swimsuit collection. The catch is that you can’t wear it into the water. Whaaat?!

This was inspired by the recent trend of Swimwear-inspired outwear pieces, made popular by outfits worn on runway shows and fashion influences. Well, you can say that could be a hit-and-miss for some, depending on how well the outfits were coordinated. And it looks like Gucci is jumping on the bandwagon with their recent collection, with a whopping price tag to follow!

Credit: Net-a-porter

This simple, ivory-coloured one-piece swimsuit embellished with the brand’s logo and faux waistbelt is screams nothing but classy. But with a hefty price of USD$490, we can’t help but wonder if what we’re paying for here is for just the logo? Here’s what else we found out.

According to the product description, this swimsuit is not chlorine-friendly. Made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, the chlorine in the pool water is said to affect the swimsuit’s elasticity.

Credit: Net-a-porter

In fact, Gucci’s designer came up with this piece based on the idea of pairing it with skirts and jeans, kinda like a leotard- if you would prefer to see it that way.

Ironically, this swimsuit has been sold out everywhere, including Gucci’s online store. Talk about branding playing a huge part in this! After all, with the Gucci logo there, who cares about how practical it is? Of course, the closest this suit is getting to water is if you’re planning to wear this to the beach to take pictures by the sea, or getting a tan by the pool.