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Expert Tips To Shop The GSS Like A Pro

Think you’ve got the secrets to conquering the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) down pat? So do we, and we’re here to share them with you

By Wayne Chng; Photos: Shutterstock


With GSS lurking around the corner, we’ve got you covered on how to get the best deals for less. Our definitive guide tells you how to get the best prices without breaking a sweat.



Tip #1: Be Credit Card Savvy

Credit cards can either be an asset or a bane, but for the GSS, it should be your best buddy. Not only will you be able to chalk up miles or points, certain credit cards give you additional cash rebate or discounts. Also, pay attention to certain places that can offer you additional bonus points. For example, some purchases at Paragon with Citibank credit cards can earn you double the membership points. If you want to compare the perks and rewards of different credit cards, gobear.com helps you find the best option in mere seconds.


Tip #2: Memberships

This tried-and-true method comes in handy when you want to save an additional 10 or even 15 per cent off your total bill — no small amount when you’re purchasing household items or branded goods. Two periods where you should be keeping an eye out for membership-only deals? At the start and towards the end of GSS.



Tip #3: Promotional Codes

Plenty of online stores, even blogshops, have jumped onto the GSS bandwagon. Always google for promotional codes before you check your cart out. Who knows? You might get a lucky 20 per cent discount.

Don’t overlook promotional emails from your favourite online site because they sometimes contain deals and discount codes. Local sites like shopback.com offer a library of promotional codes. Not only do they help you save money, the more you use their site, the more cash rebates you will receive.




Tip #4: Compare and Contrast

Think that pair of sneakers at 30 per cent off is a good deal? Always double check with prices online. Some brands like Nike, Adidas or even Polo Ralph Lauren might be selling their products online at an even lower price thanks to favourable exchange rates.

Looking for something online? Search through third-party sites like amazon.com for a benchmark on prices. You’ll be surprised at how much you can really save.


Tip #5: Patience is a Virtue

This last secret is really a test of your patience, and you might need a little luck as well.

The best deals of the season are usually offered during the last weekend of the GSS. Certain brands have additional discounts, on top of the prevailing discounts during this period. The only risk is that the top or pair of shoes you’ve got your eye on might not come in your size anymore.

A little trick we’ve learnt: Head to the store a day before the final weekend of the GSS to reserve your items. Have them on hold for as long as you can and only make the purchase during the tail end of the sale season.



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