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Mini Robots Will Turn Your Place Into A Smart Home

These high-tech devices will turn your abode into an intelligent living space

By Nicholas Ho; Cover Photo: Ulo

Have you ever left your home with niggling doubts in your mind? Prime dilemmas might include worrying about lights left on or unlocked doors.

To conquer these concerns, we’ve rounded up four powerful devices to help you turn your humble abode into a smart space, where controlling and monitoring your home can be easily done remotely.



(Photo: iCamPRO)


Guard your family and home with iCamPRO ($402), a robotic smart camera with the ability to talk, hear, detect faces and track intruders at a 360-degree angle.

The nifty device features 256-bit encryption, customisable zones and a two-way audio feed, so as to bring users a peace of mind while they are away from home. In addition, it fits into any standard light bulb socket and is controllable from most smart phones.



(Photo: Havenlock)


Prevent break-ins with the Havenlock smart lock ($250), which offers a unique way of protecting your home. Constructed from military grade materials, Havenlock forms a wedge barrier that reinforces and locks your door. Featuring a Bluetooth key fob for easy access, it also integrates seamlessly into your smart home and will notify you of any break-in attempts.

Currently available for pre-order and projected to ship in Fall 2016.



(Photo: Ulo)


Kickstarter project Ulo ($158) is a home surveillance camera that is as smart as it is adorable. Shaped like an owl that fits snugly in your palm, the waterproof camera has an adhesive base that allows it to be placed on flat surfaces such as walls, shelves, tables and more. Its expressive and customisable eyes can tell you about its battery health, the mode it is in and even informs you about the weather.

Available for pre-order with shipping estimated to be in November 2016.



(Photo: FURo-i)


FURo-i ($1,613) is a domestic smart robot that provides companionship, security, as well as connectivity for families who are away from each other due to travel or busy schedules. Its features include a “view home” mode that allows you to pilot the robot via smartphone, guiding it to patrol around the house.

The smart robot also has a “planner” mode and can wake you up in the mornings, remind you to pay bills or take your medication. It can also control other smart home devices, allowing users to switch off electronics while they are not home.


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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of Weekender, Issue 156, July 8 – July 21, 2016, with the headline ‘Say Hello to A Smarter Home’.