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Pokémon Go To Launch In July For iOS And Android

Time to transform your smartphone into a Pokédex

By Pamela Chow. Photos: Courtesy of Nintendo E3 / YouTube

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Nintendo E3 has finally opened up about its highly anticipated free-to-play app from Niantic, Pokémon Go, confirming yesterday that it will be released in July this year.

On its E3 live stream, Nintendo also conducted a live demonstration of the game. Players will assume the role of a trainer and capture Pokémon at notable points of interest. This will involve scoping through your phone camera, while the software will integrate digital Pokémon into the environment.

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Pokémon will be detected on the in-game map, which players can follow to hunt down wild creatures. To catch stronger creatures, players must level their own characters up. “Candy” rewards will be used to evolve Pokémon.

Players can also battle at Pokémon Gyms, which are located at significant landmarks, and even take control of Gyms by pledging to a faction, battling and teaming up with other players.

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Although Nintendo has not announced a specific day of the launch, it did add that there will be an accessory that lets you play the game without using your smartphone: the wrist-worn Pokémon Go Plus, which will be available for US$34.99. However, this accessory will only be available some time after the app has launched.

Watch the Nintendo E3 Pokémon Go demonstration here.