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Music on the go

Music aficionados are in for a treat with Elysium’s Porto series of wireless hi-fi systems


Homegrown music tech company Elysium’s design philosophy is simple: Marry advanced technology, developed by a team of engineers and specialists across Asia, with ergonomic functionality and aesthetics.

The result? Sleek stereo amplifiers that elevate musical enjoyment with energetic performances and full sounds.

Completely cable-free


The Porto V ($299), for example, brings together two full-range drivers to ensure great-sounding music sound even without a subwoofer. Even better, it comes without cables or separate speakers, making it great for bringing your music wherever you go.

Design-wise, the exterior is wrapped with a luxurious leather finishing — black, brown or white — and quality stitching.

The system also comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capabilities with NFC for lossless audio, a built-in 5V USB power port that lets you play your music from a flash drive and illuminated touch panel control keys.

Dirac HD sound


Those looking for a richer sound experience can consider the Porto VII ($379), which comes with Dirac HD sound.
Dirac HD Sound is an advanced patented software technology that analyses and corrects for audio colouration. The result is not just a psychoacoustic sound effect. Loudspeaker and earphone characteristics are genuinely improved, as the software ensures that the speakers are performing at their best.

The Porto VII is also able to stream audio wirelessly from any bluetooth source device and is great for music, movies, Internet video entertainment and other audio uses.

As with the Porto V, you can also stream music wirelessly on the go.

Superior audio quality

The most powerful system in the Porto series, the Porto XI ($479) brings the audio experience to a new level.

In line with its superior audio performance, the Porto XI will pump out punchy bass with just the right amount of reverb, while carrying a perfectly balanced mid-high section. With this hi-fi system, you’ll be able to bring the sounds of a ‘live’ rock concert sound right into your bedroom.

The system comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capabilities with NFC for lossless audio; an auxiliary (aux-in) 3.5mm audio jack for wired usage; two full-range drivers; and one bass driver for a powerful, full-spectrum audio experience.

Brought to you by Elysium.

For more information, visit www.elysiumlab.com.