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LINE celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations

What do you get when you cross a local artist with LINE, one of the world’s biggest mobile platform? A collaboration of cute proportions!



All of us are familiar with LINE, the mega global smartphone life platform. How many times a day do you receive game invites, or have you already crossed over to the dark side and started on their many offerings of addictive, cutesy games? I know I fell happily prey to their LINE Play app.

But did you know how Line came to be?

The story behind it

It begun as a response to a disaster. When Japan’s devastating Tohoku earthquake damaged telecommunications infrastructures nationwide, people had to rely on Internet-based resourced to communicate. To faciliate this, NHN Japan’s engineers developed Line. It was released for public use in June 2011.

I certainly would not have associated such a tragedy to this cutesy app. Nonetheless, to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Japan, 500 drawers came together to attempt to complete a 10km long drawing of Line and Peter Draw characters.


Breaking a Guinness record

The event saw Peter Draw and his team of mini artists breaking the Guinness world record at 9.633km to much hubbub and happiness. Mascots of Brown, Cony and Moon went around the place cheering the participants and posing adorably for photos. It was possibly the cutest celebration I have seen so far!

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/singapore.line

By Nicole Lee